This is a guide to beating the boss in Lunatic Difficulty developed and written by me.

So, let’s start.

This raid boss is the first one to be introduced in a Lunatic difficulty. Fortunately this mode also rewards us with a 4 star version of the hero Ursula – Blue Crow, which saves us 2000 feathers.

The team i used was this (no time to level up the units any further):


The next screenshots shows the dungeon’s starting enemies’ positions and stats and what your team’s position should look like. My team does not have the right order to start like this but you can use the space above your upper character to modify your positioning as you like since this map is passive (no enemy unit moves unless you enter a square threatened by it).







Now off to battle. Move Robin F. as shown above and Olivia to Robin’s previous position and pass the turn.


Ursula will then attack Robin. Robin will defeat her since she has the Blue Tomebreaker skill. After that, the battlefield will look like this:


Next thing you want to do is attack the Red Cavalry unit with you Abel. He is going to destroy him.


After that attack, stack the rest of your units to the far left as shown below and pass the turn. The bottom thief will attack Sharena who tanks the hit and the top one will attack Abel who tanks it aswell. The green Armored Knight will not move.


Here comes the tricky part. All of your units right now will die if they take one hit from any enemy. For the rest of this fight you will not take any hits using the strategy I will provide.

First use Olivia’s Dance on Sharena so she can move to the top Thief and attack him, like below:



This will stop the Thief from moving towards your more fragile units and allow you to survive the rest of the fight. After that use Abel and Robin F. to kill the bottom Thief (in that order or Robin F. will die from the Thief’s counterattack).



Move Robin F. to the square below her in order to attack the Thief and not to the square behind Sharena, or in the next turn the Thief Sharena is blocking will kill Robin F.

After that, move Robin into position to attack the green Armored Knight once. Then pass the turn. Do not use Olivia’s Dance to attack him twice, or he will fall under 50% HP and the next turn the Thief will move behind him, heal him and the Knight will slaughter your Sharena ending in a defeat.


During the opponent’s turn both units will not take any actions.

On your turn use Robin F. in conjunction with Olivia’s Dance to kill the Armored Knight and Sharena to kill the Thief at the same turn. Congratulations!





This is the whole fight. This is also a reminder that those fights are designed to be cleared with a variety of units and unit levels so never lose hope when you die repeatedly during a Grand Hero Battle.

Enjoy your new 4 star hero in all its glory!


Other viable teams are: