Fire Emblem Heroes - Knowledgebase

A collective unit database for Fire Emblem: Heroes


Hello and welcome to FE: Heroes Knowledgebase

This is a work in progress. Features may be added in the future and the content of the project may be expanded. That said any constructive criticism is welcome.

I must also state now that I own none of the content. Any comments on heroes and/or team compositions are not of my own (except when noted). I have gathered this information across all FE: Heroes resources and present it to you with full credits to the owners of the material.

So with that out of the way, this is what one may find here for the time being:

  • Links to the most important FE: Heroes resource sites and social media.
  • Analysis on overall unit viability and usage, pros and cons, team member suggestions etc.
  • Small guides about the┬ámore difficult content of the game (weekly weapon quests, high lunatic story mode quests, Hero Battles etc)


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